Bus N260 White Grit, Hyssington, Churchstoke, Mellingon, Pentre.

There is a tree on the road at Mellington and the school bus can't get through.  The bus will travel to Melllington arches and turn back to Churchstoke.  If you can't get your child into school please let us know.  There is a GCSE exam this morning.  Any Year 11 without transport, please ring school and we will send a school minibus. 

Updated 08.15 14.06.18

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The following table contains a collection of school policies. These are continually updated as they are reviewed.

Logo2018-150x160  Admissions Policy

Logo2018-150x160  School Code of Conduct

Logo2018-150x160 Complaints Policy

Logo2018-150x160  Good Conduct on our Buses

Logo2018-150x160  Internet Safety Policy

Logo2018-150x160  School Uniform Code

Logo2018-150x160  Anti-bullying Policy

Logo2018-150x160  Attendance Policy

Logo2018-150x160  Equalities Policy

Logo2018-150x160  Safeguarding Child Protection Policy

Logo2018-150x160  Teaching and Learning Policy

Logo2018-150x160  SEN Policy

Logo2018-150x160  Rewards, Behaviour and Discipline Policy 

Logo2018-150x160  Charging Policy


Shropshire Council's Data privacy letter for students living outside of Shropshire


 Shropshire Council's Data privacy form for students living outside of Shropshire


 Target Setting, Assessment, Recording and Reporting policy