There are a wide variety of clubs and activities on offer at the college. Every other Friday we have ‘Enrichment’ which is when the whole school stops work for the afternoon and does a club, activity or sport. These are mainly mixed-age and many of the activities are run/supported by external organisations and parents.

Our school also does a lot of sports (including fixtures) at lunchtime and after school. Our current programme can be found here …

The college also operates a wide-ranging visits programme. There are also numerous day and residential visits, both home and abroad, academic and social. We believe visits are an excellent way to broaden the minds of our young people and that common experience brings all of us closer together. Be it London, France, Cardiff, Tanzania, Stratford, Outward Bound or simply ice-skating in Telford, staff give over a huge amount of time organising and running events, and these are always well supported by students and families.


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