Bus N260 White Grit, Hyssington, Churchstoke, Mellingon, Pentre.

There is a tree on the road at Mellington and the school bus can't get through.  The bus will travel to Melllington arches and turn back to Churchstoke.  If you can't get your child into school please let us know.  There is a GCSE exam this morning.  Any Year 11 without transport, please ring school and we will send a school minibus. 

Updated 08.15 14.06.18

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Welcome to The Community College.

We are a proud and very successful 11-16 school situated in Bishop's Castle, South Shropshire, covering a wide geographical area with children from more than 20 primary schools, including many from Wales.

Formerly called the High School, the name was changed to The Community College to better reflect our community ethos. We believe that intelligence is not fixed and in the right environment and with the right attitude, anything is possible. We take our students' education very seriously, and know that all young people can thrive if they are known, valued, feel safe and suitably challenged.

The school is well-known to its parents. It is a friendly, welcoming place, with excellent student/teacher relationships and an outstanding learning environment. Results are very strong across all subjects and most of our subjects achieve way above national averages.

I hope this website gives you a better flavour of what we are all about. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Alan Doust


Ethos and Values


To succeed, to care, to inspire 



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