Primary Transition

At The Community College we work closely with our primary school colleagues to make sure the transition from primary to secondary education is smooth as possible.

Although primary school pupils of all ages are regular visitors to the college already, for Year 6 pupils we have a full liaison programme with the aim to providing a seamless progression for all students as they move from primary to secondary school. The programme includes sample days and taster sessions, specialist teaching and events, visits to all primary schools to speak to pupils and their teachers, and the opportunity for students to attend a week-long summer school. We also offer additional sessions for those students who might find transition more difficult than others, and there is close liaison with primary SEN staff.

We believe the more we know about our students and the more familiar the child is with their new surroundings, the better their start in their new school.

Our Open Evening for Year 6 pupils and their parents takes place in October. In addition, we also welcome parents and pupils to visit the college during any school day to see us at work. To make an appointment please ring the school and one of the senior staff will be only too happy to show you around.

In the summer term we hold two formal Induction Days, where students take part in two days of learning at the college. On the evening of the second induction day parents/carers are invited to meet the Headteacher and Head of House.

In the summer term, members of the senior team will also visit every child and their teacher in their primary school. We issue Year 6 their English and Maths exercise books early and ask them to complete a project for each, ready for the new term.

During the year, the college invites its main feeder primary schools to send their Year 5/6 in for a taster morning. If your child has not had the opportunity to visit the college and you would like them to be involved in this programme, please contact Mr Ward or Mrs Sargent at the college on 01588 638257 or email .

South West Shropshire Learning Trust

Recently the College has worked ever more closely with its primary schools, and the College and the local primary schools, have created the South-West Shropshire Learning Trust. Its sole purpose is to support all young people in this area to be the best they can be. Some of the events we have held in the past 12 months are: Fortnightly lessons and tours for primary pupils; sports training and festivals; science projects; an engineering challenge; music events; a primary enrichment day, a joint university visit for all Year 6 & 7 pupils and joint staff training. Many of our teachers have been on a two-day secondment to primary schools, and an increasing number of our older students are directly involved in supporting Key Stage 1 and 2 development.