Science Faculty

The Science Faculty includes all the Sciences, Physical Education (PE), Design & Technology (D&T) and Food Technology. For any queries regarding these subjects please contact the Faculty leader Mr A Kirk (


The Science Staff

Mr A Kirk (Faculty Leader)

Ms G Mustoe

Mrs R Hurlstone

Mrs L Price

Miss A Jones

Mrs J Knill

Mrs D Price

Keystage 3

Science at Keystage 3 is taught as a mixture of biology, chemistry and physics. The curriculum is enriched by science clubs,competitions and trips/visits. Classes are mixed ability in years 7 and 8. In Year 9 there is one set of more able students, the rest are mixed ability. Please click on the link to access our Keystage 3 programme of study.


Curriculum Plan for Keystage 3


"Three CCBC students who reached the National Final of the 2017 Race for the Line STEM competition at the Santa Pod Racetrack, June 2017"

Keystage 4

We offer two routes through Science GCSE:

  1. Triple Sciences - seperate qualifications in Biology, Chemistry and Physics or
  2. Combined Science - a dual award qualification

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GCSE Combined Science


Subject Leader: Mr A Kirk

Examination Board and Qualifications: AQA Combined Science (Trilogy)

GCSE Combined Science is a qualification designed to suit students of all abilities and aspirations. It is a new course for first delivery in September 2016 in response to the Governments’ changes to the National Curriculum. It is similar to the previous Core and Additional Sciences, i.e. equivalent to two GCSEs, however it is assessed as one.


GCSE Combined Science Information


Biology Field Trip for Triple Scientists - Borth, July 2017

GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics

(the Triple Science Option)

Subject Leader: Mr A Kirk

Examination Board and Qualifications: AQA GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics

The Triple Science Option allows students to take all three sciences to a greater depth than the mandatory Combined Science GCSE. It comprises three separate GCSEs, taught by three separate teachers. This option is suitable for students with a Level 6 or above at GCSE and with clear aspirations to science A-levels of science based careers. These are new course for first delivery in September 2016 in response to the Governments’ changes to the National Curriculum. It is similar to the previous triple sciences in that they are three separate subjects and are assessed separately.


GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics Information

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 Phyiscal Education (PE)

Subject Lead for PE

Mr P Denson

PE Teachers

Mrs L Waters

Mrs D Price

Mr A Richards

In Keystage 3 students can try out all of the sports that are undertaken in College. Here is the opportunity to play for the College teams. All Keystage 4 students undertake 1 hour per week of core PE. During this time students learn skills for life and are encouraged to try new activities. We offer 3 GCSE options; Short Course, Full Course and Double Award.


Curriculum Overview Keystage 3 

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Design & Technology

The study of Design & Technology fosters a wide range of desirable qualities which we value. Students should develop lively, enquiring minds, the ability to question why we do what we do in a rational manner and apply themselves to design tasks and physical skills, both on their own and in groups.

As a department we promote high standards of academic achievements through designing, making and evaluating products. We work together as an enthusiastic team and promote an environment where all students develop personal responsibility and self motivation but consider the needs and achievements of the wider community. As part of the curriculum structure and schemes of works are personal learning and thinking skills that enable students to be creative thinkers, team players, reflect on how they have learnt skills and developed ideas and can think beyond the confines of the school environment.


Subject Lead for Design and Technology

Mr A McMahon.

Design and Technology Teachers

 Mrs L Stainer, Mrs L Martin. Mrs P Christianson


Keystage 3 Curriculum Plan


Keystage 3 Curriculum Aims 


Year 7 Overview


Year 8 Overview


Year 9 Overview

Food Technology

 Link below revision for Year 11 GCSE Food Technology

GCSE Resistent Materials


Resistant Materials Overview


Resistant Materials Specification

Design and Technology Reading List

Btec Construction and Built Environment


BTEC Construction Assesment Plan 2015-17


BTEC Constuction Specification

Link below for Year 11 revision