Student Voice

Students make a significant and genuine contribution to the way the school is run and what we provide.

The College Senate is our school council and is led by the Head Boy and Head Girl. It is made up of student leaders from Year 8 to 11, and they meet with the Headteacher every half term (more if required) and play a major role in deciding school policy and discussing current issues. The Head Boy and Head Girl are elected representatives of the student body and each year make a formal report to the Governing Body on their achievements.

Other students are involved in fund-raising for charities or working with our primary school children, or supporting as a subject specialist or undertaking eco-projects, or helping to raise money for SpArC. Coaching time also allows students of all ages to support each other and all younger students take a turn at being the Community Helper, assisting the Administrative team.

Our Sports Captains work closely with the PE staff and organise teams for inter-house competitions, and over the last two years our Health Champions have conducted pioneering work on mental health, writing lessons plans for teachers and delivering their own assemblies.

Students’ views on teaching and learning are also very important to us and these are sampled through our Focus Weeks and through regular Student Voice interviews. 



Head Boy - Sam Beavan     Head Girl - Selvi Genc

Deputy Head Boy - Gwion Barron-Jones   Deputy Head Girl - Briony Tilsley


Student Leaders



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